Sunday, October 16, 2011

Creatures in Couture

Welcome to my new project, Creatures in Couture. It showcases two of my greatest loves: art and fashion. I have started this blog as a kind of drawing exercise- depicting couture in a stylised and fantastical way.
Anyone who knows my art will know I have a fascination for mythology and the fairy world. I hope to somehow meld that with couture, for fashion illustration with a twist. After all, fashion is all about make believe and fantasy, so the idea is not so far fetched.
I am hoping to expand my imagination and self-discipline as an artist by setting myself a project that will hopefully over time develop into a more cohesive style. I hope that working on Creatures in Couture will give me more ideas as an artist/illustrator, free me up and get me out of this artistic rut I have found myself in!

I hope you enjoy what I come up with!

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